Protractors Special Dial Protractor Heads We make dial protractor heads for special applications that permit rapid angular measurements over a 90º range, in increments of 5 minutes. These special tools are similar to AGD Group-2 Dial Indicators.They have a rear-mounted rotary input shaft attached to a movable arm that measures the angle in relation to a fixed arm. They are available with continuous or balanced dials and with clockwise or counterclockwise reading. (See our Special Gage section for more information.) 193 Steel Protractor 0-180º This protractor can be used with the 47 Universal Bevel by setting it against the revolving stud, which quickly and economically converts it into a Bevel Protractor. Protractor has double graduations from 0-180º in opposite directions. 193 47 47 Universal Bevel 6"/150MM This improved Universal Bevel has both offset and straight slots in the blade, in combination with straight slots in the stock that allow for a wide variety of adjustment and angle settings that are impossible to obtain with many ordinary bevels. Length of the blade is 6" (150mm), and the stock, 3-1/2" (90mm). The stock lies flat on the work or paper since the head of the clamping bolt is recessed.This tool can be set to duplicate an angle from a master, or it may be easily converted into a Bevel Protractor by using this tool with the 193 Protractor. Steel Protractor Cat. No. EDP Range 193 50696 0-180º Universal Bevel Cat. No. EDP Blade Length 47 50266 6" 308 P rotractors and A ngle M easurement