Precision Bench Levels 132 Precision Bench Levels with Double Plumbs 6-24"/150-600MM These are moderately priced levels designed for the all-around use of machinists, maintenance and set-up mechanics and carpenters. They are available in a wide range of sizes to suit every requirement. • The attractive filigree design of these levels provides a lighter weight, and the curved design evenly dissipates excess heat • The base of the levels has an involute groove running the full length, which provides a reliable seat for round work • All sizes have a main vial and double plumb vials. Each vial has two graduated lines • The main vials have approximately 19-minute sensitivity, meaning if the bubble moves 1/8" off the graduated lines, the out-of-level is approximately .080" per foot. If the bubble is off 2mm, then the out-of- level is approximately 4.4mm per meter. 132-12 End view showing involute groove 132 Precision Bench Levels Cat. No. EDP Size Description in mm 132-6 50562 6 150 With main vial and double plumb vial 132-9 50563 9 225 132-12 50564 12 300 132-24 50566 24 600 To guarantee extreme accuracy, the length of your level should not be longer than the work you are leveling. 372 M achinists ' L evels