10 Student Combina tion Squares These tools were designed to train and develop apprentices to lay out and check their work more efficiently.The combination square is far superior to clumsy, old-style solid workshop-grade squares that are still being used in some vocational schools and apprenticeship programs around the world. The student's advantages are: • Rugged, cast iron square head will outlast cheap plastic and die-cast imitations • Accurate, hardened and tempered square blade offered in inch, millimeter, and inch and millimeter combined • Reversible lock bolt allows the blade to be turned over or end-for-end so that all four graduated edges may be used • The combination square, as its name indicates, handles many jobs, saving the apprentice from buying more individual tools. This combination square can be used as a try square, 45º miter, a depth gage, a height gage, a layout tool, and as a rule. • Optional center head is available to increase the versatility of this universal measuring tool 8 Large Combina tion Squares 24" Extra large, heavy-duty construction throughout. The square head is 8-3/8" long and the center head has 4-1/4" arms. Furnished with 24" blade, 1-1/2" wide x 1/10" thick, with distinctive, photo-engraved graduations. Heads are cast iron and have black wrinkle finish. • Reversible lock bolts • Accurate spirit level • Hardened steel blade 8HC 10H-6-4R Combina tion Squares Inch Cat. No. EDP Size Graduation 10H-6-4R 64942 6" 4R – 8ths, 16ths, Quick Reading 32nds, 64ths Millimeter Cat. No. EDP Size Graduation 10MH-150 64943 150mm mm and 1/2mm Both Sides Inch and Millimeter Cat. No. EDP Size Graduation 10MEH-150 64944 5-3/4" (150mm) 1/2mm and 32nds One Side mm and 64ths Reverse Side Center Head Only Cat. No. EDP Description C11-6 50073 Center Head to Fit 10 Squares * Max. Inspect Diameter: 4.3" 8 Large Combination Squares Cat. No. EDP Graduation Description 8H 50037 4 – 8ths, 6ths, 32nds, 64ths With Square Head Only 8HC 50038 With Square Head and Center Head Blade Only for 8 Large Combination Squares Cat. No. EDP Graduation Description B824-4 50041 4 – 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, 64ths 24" Blade Heads Only for 8 Large Combination Squares Cat. No. EDP Description H8 50039 Square Head C8 50040 Center Head* * Max. Inspect Diameter: 7.5" 275 starrett.com S quares