The Formula Builder allows you to construct complex, derived results using arithmetic, trigonometric and logarithmic expressions. The Formula Builder is standard in L3 systems and optional for L2 Plus, L2 and S2 systems. The Formula Builder for L2 and S2 systems supports basic arithmetic functions only- add, subtract, multiply and divide. This example shows a full graph view of an adhesive test. Three peaks are identified based on the sensitivity of 14.1 after the Lmax (maximum peak). The qualified peaks are highlighted in blue and identified as Lmax1, Lmax2 and Lmax3. Using the Formula Builder, an expression was created that is an average of the three Lmax values only. The Lavg in this example application does not average all data points, but only the Lmax values. The formula you create is evaluated real-time. Syntax errors are noted by displaying a red line around the formula input box. If the formula is correct, the line is green. Automation Builder Software Option Measurement Capabilities L3 L2 Plus L2 S2 Use Digital I/O m m m m Use Analog I/O (requires MMx test frames) m m Use Command and Conditional Logic m m m m Formula Builder Create Basic Expressions using Add, Subtract, Multiple and Divide Std1 m m m Create Mathematical Expressions using Algebraic, Trigonometric and Logarithmic functions Std1 m Notes: (1) The Formula Builder function is supplied standard on L3 systems only. The Formula Builder is included in the optional Automation Builder software for L2 Plus, L2 and S2 systems. Advanced mathematical expressions using algebraic, trigonometric and logarithmic functions are available on L3 and L2 Plus systems only. The functions and features available using the optional Automation Builder software are shown in the table. The Formula Builder is supplied standard on L3 systems only. Advanced mathematical expressions are not available with the Formula Builder in the L2 and S2 system's optional Automation Builder application. 499 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement