Custom Engineered Solutions Handheld Tools and Gages An interactive process between customer and Starrett engineering staffs created a gage that measures the diameter of hot steel flat stock while in the heat treatment process. An accurate measurement takes only two seconds of contact, reducing radiant heat transfer and part spoilage. Its electronic indicator locks the reading in the display for safe reading and is accurate to within ±.003". Engineered Metrology Systems This application was custom developed with vision and touch probe sensors. As is the case with many recent systems, two or even three sensors are part of the custom solution. The Starrett Metrology Division works closely with customers to find solutions for complex applications on a regular basis. Their expertise is as important to the solution as the excellence of our system hardware. Custom Gage Fixtures We have worked with many customers to develop a gage to measure a specific food container, some with lids that must fit precisely – not too tight or loose. These containers are a perfect example of something that defies measurement with a standard tool. The gage below uses pneumatics to withdraw probes for fast, easy and accurate placement and unloading. Granite-Based Engineered Solutions A medical devices manufacturer could not reliably measure a moving tube on a complex 7-axis laser micro machining system because of persistent vibration. After extensive design consultation with our Starrett Granite Division, the vibration-dampening attributes of granite stabilized beam delivery, allowing measurement of the tubes at a molecular level. 17