Electronic Height Gages Altissimo® Electronic Height Gages Optional Circular Carbide Scriber, PT27950 Depth Gage Attachment, PT27949 Probe Tip 5-Way Adapter, PT27948 .400" (10.2mm) Cylindrical Probe PT27945 .078" (2mm) Carbide Contact Point, PT23914 .120" (3mm) Carbide Contact Point,PT23943 .040" (1mm) Carbide Contact Point,PT23942 Contact Wrench, PT27952 Holder for Dovetail Indicators, PT27946 Altissimo Electronic Height Gages with Standard Components Cat. No. EDP Description 2000-24 67008 Height Gage PT27937 67009 Carbide Probe .1875" (4.8mm) Dia. (Standard) PT27940 67010 Probe Holder (Standard) PT27944 67011 Probe Calibration Block (Standard) Accessories for Altissimo Electronic Height Gages Part No. EDP Description S2000AZ 66997 Accessory Set Includes: PT27948 67012 Probe Tip, 5-Way Adapter PT23942 65255 .040" (1mm) Carbide Contact Point PT23914 64222 .078" (2mm) Carbide Contact Point PT23943 65256 .120" (3mm) Carbide Contact Point PT27952 67013 Contact Wrench PT27945 67014 .400" (10.2mm) Cylindrical Probe PT27950 67015 Circular Carbide Scriber PT27949 67016 Depth Gage Attachment PT27946 67017 Holder for Dovetail Indicators PT62011 67018 Replacement Battery Pack, NiMH 6V PT62015 67002 Power Supply Charger for USA and Canadian Configuration PT62130 67003 Power Supply Charger for United Kingdom Configuration PT62131 67004 Power Supply Charger for European Configuration 2000SCM 69907 Cable to 7612 or 7613 Multiplexer 2000SCKB 69908 USB cable to PC (In focused window) 2000SCU 29728 Cable to PC Running Data Collection SPC Software - USB 110 H eight G ages