S7793Z Cont act and Non-Cont act Digit al Tachometer This Pocket Laser Tachometer (S7793Z) is a digital, battery-powered portable optical tachometer that can operate up to 25 feet from a reflective target using a laser light source. Its ergonomic design allows safe, direct line-of-sight viewing of both target and display at the same time, with a non-slip rubber surface for single hand operation. Multi-Function This powerful 32 function Tachometer/Ratemeter, Totalizer/Counter and Timer (stopwatch) is programmable in both inch and metric rates. It has TTL compatible pulse output to trigger devices such as data collectors or stroboscopes. The kit is supplied with a remote contact assembly including concave and convex tips, a 10cm linear speed wheel, and rugged carrying case. Fea tures • Operating range up to 25 feet* (Class 3R visible laser) • Accepts remote contact assembly • Accepts remote sensors (optional) • TTL pulse output • Auto ranging/fixed decimal (user selectable) • English and metric rates • Tripod mounting bushing • On-target and low battery indicators • Rugged rubberized housing • NIST traceable certificate of calibration included The S7793Z Pocket Laser Tachometer can operate with the remote contact assembly (left) or up to 25 feet from a reflective target (right) Kit includes tachometer, RCA, contact tips, 10cm linear contact wheel 5 feet of T-5 reflective tape, (2) "AA" batteries, and latching carrying case Digitial Tachometer Specifications Display 5 Alpha-Numeric LCD Ranges Optical* 5-200,000 RPM Contact** 0.5-20,000 RPM Rates 10cm Circumference Contact Wheel Inches/Min 1.969-78,740 Feet/Min 0.164-6,561.7 Yards/Min 0.055-2,187.2 Centimeters/Min 5.000-200,000 Meters/Min 0.050-2,000 Totalizer 1-200,000 Accuracy Optical ±0.01% of reading Contact ±0.05% of reading (rpm) Resolution 0.001-10 RPM Operating range 2 Inches to 25 feet, ±70º Memory Maximum, Minimum, and Last Power (2) "AA" 1.5 VDC Batteries (30 Hours) Environmental 5º - 40ºC (0º - 100ºF) 80% RH up to 31ºC (88ºF) Size (H x W x D) 6.92 x 2.4 x 1.6" (176 x 61 x 41mm) Weight 7 oz. (210g) * Performance subject to intensity of ambient light irradiation ** Also reads units per second and per hour 7793 Contact and Non-Contact Digital Tachometer Cat. No. EDP Description S7793Z 68930 Tachometer, RCA, contact tips, 10cm linear contact wheel 5' of T-5 reflective tape, (2) "AA" batteries, latching carrying case 367 starrett.com P recision S hop T ools