Custom Engineered Granite Solutions For Oversize Parts and Assembling Starrett has unparalleled experience and expertise in building special, extra- large granite surface plates and custom products from granite to meet specific requirements. All Starrett special surface plates are made from single, solid slabs of granite quarried in one piece, machined in one piece and finished to your specified dimensions and tolerances. Special Pla tes are Usually Requested in Two Ca tegories: Inspecting oversize parts: The first category is for inspecting oversize parts and assemblies such as diesel engine blocks and crankshafts, vehicle frames, missile components and ground support equipment. Inquiries for granite surface plates to accommodate oversize parts and assemblies should indicate: 1. Type of part to be staged 2. Distribution of weight 3. Inspection accuracy required 4. Work holding requirements 5. Footing requirements, ceiling height and availability of heavy-duty work- handling equipment Modifying st andard pla tes: The second general category relates to modifying standard plates or building special surface plates for work-holding attachments of many different types. Threaded and solid inserts, adapter holes,T-slots, dovetails – almost anything added to conventional gaging fixtures can also be added to Starrett surface plates, extending their accuracy and versatility for numerous applications. Precision edges, made square with the top surface and adjacent edges, as well as precision graduated rules can also be added. We can build and assemble this work-holding or special gaging equipment to very close tolerance in either fractional, decimal inch or metric dimensions. All special plates are quoted on an individual basis, based on complexity and tolerance requirements. We will work with you to give you the best, most economical solution for your application. The uses of Starrett special granite surface plates are limited only by the imagination of the creative tool designer. Inquiries for special surface plates like the type shown will be studied and recommendations given without obligation. Granite Solutions We can build custom fixture plates that provide exceptional positional accuracy for one or several of your applications Starrett offers unparalleled design expertise and experience to work with your engineers to create the ideal custom solution for your application Tru-Vac Vacuum and Air-Lift Technology Starrettprovidesbothstandardandcustomsolutionsforvacuum chucking, positioning or air-lift part transfer. Our innovative Tru- Vac technology integrates the stability and precision flatness of granite with a porous medium, usually ceramic. Tru-Vac can eliminate the need for mechanical clamping with its inherent part distortion or damage risk by utilizing vacuum draw at specific locations or distributed over the entire surface of your part. Conversely,Tru-Vac technology can be utilized to provide positive pressure to allow delicate parts to glide on a cushion of air from which they can be safely lifted or transferred to the next operation. Starrett engineers will work with you to select the best porous medium for your application based on surface area, flatness, wear, and desired airflow characteristics. Tru-Vac technology can be utilized in air chucks smaller than a hockey puck or larger than a conference room table. Vacuum zones can be of nearly any shape by virtue of our CNC milling capabilities. Multiple zones can be utilized to accommodate a variety of part sizes or even to provide a combination of negative and positive pressure for controlled part movement. Tru-Vac Vacuum Chuck 412 G ranite S urface P roducts