Indica tor Accessories AGD Indica tor Accessories Top Lift A knurled grip allows the spindle to be manually lifted and returned by spring action to contact the work. Furnished in place of the stem cap on .500", 1.000", 10mm and 25mm range indicators. No extra charge on AGD Indicators up to 1" (25mm) range; over 1" (25mm) range, priced on request. To order, specify "with Top Lift" after the indicator catalog number. NOTE: Will not fit on 2700 Indicators. Rubber Dust Guard Protects the rack of AGD Indicators from foreign matter under adverse gaging conditions. Made in lengths to fit 81, 25, 2600, 655 and 656 Indicators up to 1" (25mm) range. AGD Dial Indica tor Tolerance Hands Starrett dial indicators may be ordered with crystal-mounted or bezel-mounted tolerance hands for visually checking limits of a given dimension. Crystal-mounted hands, both colored red, are positioned under the crystal and are individually adjustable through 360º by turning concentric knurled knobs on the outside of the crystal. Available for all 81, 25, 655 and 656 AGD Dial Indicators. Bezel-mounted hands,both colored red,rotate inside the bezel.They are mounted outside the crystal and are independently adjustable through 360º. Available for 81 and 25 AGD Indicators only. Snap-on bezel-mounted hands, two hands colored red, are easily mounted on the outside of the bezel and are adjustable through 360º. Available for 25 AGD Indicators only. Order PT99513 (EDP 66038). Maximum Hand This red-colored hand records the maximum position reached by the indicator hand within a single revolution. Mounted under the crystal, it has a small nib at its point. The indicator hand contacts the nib, advancing the maximum hand which remains in position when the indicator hand returns to its at-rest position. To reset the maximum hand, turn the knurled knob mounted outside the crystal. To order Tolerance or Maximum Hands, specify the indicator catalog number followed by the type of hand desired. Lever Control Handy attachment mounts in place of stem cap and is interchangeable on most Starrett 81, 25, 2600, 655 and 656 AGD Indicators up to 1" or 25mm range. Pressing down lever lifts spindle; releasing it lets spindle contact the work. Easy to install in the left or right hand position using a screwdriver and an open end wrench. If ordered on a new indicator, specify left or right hand position. (Furnished at left unless otherwise ordered.) NOTE: Fits only indicators with a case stem cap. Top Lift Dust Guard Maximum Hand in at-rest position with indicator hand (left), and in recording position (right). Indicators with snap-on bezel-mounted hands (left), crystal-mounted hands (above), and bezel-mounted hands (right). Rubber Dust Guard Part No. EDP Indicator Range PT09545 71256 .400", .500", 1.000" (10mm, 12.7mm, 25mm) PT09763 71289 Ranges under .400" (10mm) Lever Control Part No. EDP PT99356 72088 168 I ndica tors and G ages