3816B Digit al Motorized Bench Hardness Tester The 3816B Bench Hardness Tester offers easy, fully automated testing procedures and provides highly sensitive and accurate readings. The 3816B measures the full regular Rockwell Scales according to ASTM and SAE guidelines and accommodates all types of hard or soft metals and alloys, in numerous configurations.The tester is furnished with a diamond indentor, a 1/16" (1.6mm) ball indentor, three certified test blocks, four test tables – 5.87" (149mm) and 2.5" (63.5mm) flat anvils, 5/8"(15.9mm) spot anvil and a standard vee anvil and an accessory case. Bench Hardness Testers Fea tures • Fully automated routines reduce operator involvement and speeds measurements • Large touch screen display • Programmable scale conversions, dwell times and sample counter • Sample averaging is automatically calculated • RS232C output • Built in mini-printer for outputting readings • USB output 3816 Hardness Testers Cat. No. EDP Description 3816B 72972 Digital bench hardness tester PT06145 72519 Benchtop level stand for tester Accessories* for 3816 Digital Bench Hardness Tester Cat. No. EDP Description PT05245 67944 C Regular PT05249 67948 1/16" (1.6mm) Ball Unit PT05069 67897 RA Test Block (Rockwell A Scale 80) PT05059 67888 RB Test Block (Rockwell B Scale 90) PT05050 67879 RC Test Block (Rockwell C Scale 63) PT05272 67969 Master Block Set, Rockwell C Scale * For additional listings of test blocks and accessories, refer to the following pages in this section. Specifications Minor Load 10Kgf Major Load A: 60Kgf, B: 100Kgf, C: 150Kgf Test Force Application (Dead weight applies test force) Test Force Control Motorized Results Display Hi-def LCD digital readout Throat Depth 6.50" (165mm) Maximum Test Height 6.87" (175mm) ** Unit Height/Width/Depth 28 x 8.9 x 20.6" (711 x 226 x 523mm) Unit Weight 187 lb (85kg) ** Requires bench alteration. 3816B 239 starrett.com G age A mps , H ardness and S urface T esters