Att achments for 711 Last Word® Dial Test Indica tors A. Body Clamp PT07101F Permits the indicator to be held by its body and clamped to any diameter rod from 1/8- 1/4" (3-6mm). It also attaches the universal shank to the indicator with the addition of PT07104F Long and Short Arm. B. Universal Friction Holder with shank 711EA – This inserts in place of the end plug at the top of the indicator body. The shank has a 3/16" (4.8mm) diameter which will fit into chucks and also into the snugs of our 57 and 257 Surface Gages. C. Universal Shank PT07103A. This shank includes PT07104F (the long and short arm) to go into the body clamp. With its shank size of 1/4" x 1/2" (6.4 x 12.7mm), this can be used in a lathe tool post or for 254 Height Gage. D. Gooseneck Shank PT07107A. 1/4" x 1/2"  (6.4 x 12.7mm) shank can be used on tool posts and on the same height gages as the PT07103A Universal Shank. It is attached by unscrewing the body clamp and replacing it with the gooseneck shank. E. Double-Jointed Att achment PT13301. This attachment has a 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter at one end and a 1/4" (6.3mm) diameter at the other end and will fit into chucks and collets, (such as in a jig borer) and hold the indicator by the body clamp,giving it greater depth and diameter range. A B C D E F G H N M K I J O L F . Long and Short Arm PT07104F.This is used with the universal shank to attach it to the body clamp. It has a 3/16" (4.8mm) diameter and arms with 13/16" and 1-3/16" (20mm and 30mm) lengths. G. Coupling with 3/16" (4.8mm) hole PT05116. Coupling slips over the long and short arm PT07104F and the shank of 711EA Universal Friction Holder to permit offset. H. Height Gage Att achment PT24706 – This inserts in place of the end plug at the top of the indicator body. The 3/16" x 11/32" (4.8 x 8.7mm) shank fits 255 12", 18" and 24" Height Gages. I. Height Gage Att achment 711-49. 1/8" x 5/16" (3 x 8mm) shank. This is used for 250, 750, 751 Height Gages and 995 Planer and Shaper Gage. J. Height Gage Att achment 711-35. 3/16" x 3/8" (4.8 x 9.5mm) shank.This is used for 255 Height Gage. K. Indica tor Axial Support PT26007. This triple-hinged indicator holder is designed to mount dovetail indicators (such as our 708, 709, and 811 indicators). By using a rod through the 3/16" (4.7mm) mounting hole, it will also accommodate test indicators such as our 711 indicators. Overall length is approximately 5 1/4" (133mm), shank size is 3/8" (9.5mm). L. Surface Gage Att achment PT05119. Fits in place of the ball shank of the 711EA Attachment. Allows 711G and L Indicators to be used on holders with smaller clamp hole. M. Tool Post Holder PT11770A. 1/4" x 1 5/16" (6.3 x 33mm) post and 1/4" x 1/2" (6.3 x 12.7mm) shank. For use in tool posts or in height gages N. Rubber Dust Guard PT09764. Protects the indicators' working parts by sealing out dust, powder, and other foreign matter under adverse gaging conditions. O. Collet Adapter PT28315. To be used with a 3/16" (4.7mm) diameter attachment for indicators such as PT22429 dovetail body clamp and PT07104F long and short arm attachments. Test Indica tors Attachments for 711 Last Word Dial Test Indicators Photo Key Part No. EDP Description A* PT07101F 70924 Body Clamp B* 711EA 52924 Universal Friction Holder with Shank C* PT07103A 52939 UniversalShankComplete with Long and Short Arm D PT07107A 52937 Gooseneck Shank E* PT13301 71441 Double-JointedAttachment F* PT07104F 70929 Long and Short Arm G* PT05116 70556 Coupling with 3/16" (4.8mm) Hole H* PT24706 65064 Height Gage Attachment I 711-49 52941 J 711-35 52942 K PT26007 65101 Indicator Axial Support L* PT05119 70557 Surface Gage Attachment M PT11770A 71361 Tool Post Holder N PT09764 71290 Rubber Dust Guard O PT28315 68847 Collet Adapter *Furnished with all sets having "C" in the catalog number 139 I ndica tors and G ages