Software Profile360™ Software provides: • Matching and comparison of measured profile to a CAD template. • Caliper-based utilities to program each profile design for specific measurements. • Storage of design library on local or networked drive. • Display of all real-time measurement data. • Display of trend data. • Data logging for all measurement results. • Standard report printing. • Software can be installed on any network PC and connected to the instrument to view the real-time­data. Starrett-Bytewise is excited to announce that we have partnered with Inductive Automation, developers of the Ignition® platform, to provide many enhancements to our own Profile360 software. Ignition provides the ability to create custom HMIs, reports, and view real-time or historical measurement data. Ignition also saves data from the Profile360 software to an ODBC compliant database.The use of Ignition further unlocks the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 applications Version 3.0 with Ignition® offers several options to meet the data needs of our customers. The Basic Package includes screens to visualize: • Real-time and historical trend charts by run • Alarm charts and alarm summaries for your out-of-spec conditions • Data logs with summary statistics for each run • List of runs filtered by run number or time You may also choose to upgrade your package with add-on modules for: • SPC Charts and Statistics • Alarm Notification by Email • Advanced Reporting Capabilities providing flexibility in format, triggers, and distribution of reports • Mobile Access from a phone or tablet Software Features Data Matching Match profile to CAD template Available Measurements Thickness Anchor profile to multiple datums Width/Height Match to user-defined sub-regions Angle Match multiple profiles independently Area Display Measured values with pass/fail/warning status Radius Error from nominal Diameter (Max, Min, Avg) Cp and Cpk Ovality Standard deviation Circumference Trend charts Distance to point in space Histograms Distance to specific feature (such as a groove in the profile Overlay of measured profile onto CAD template Distance of any surface from its nominal/theoretical position Error vectors to show differences from CAD template Averaged or median-filtered values over specified time Registration Quick recalibration to certified gage pins Report Writer Charts Data Logging Log caliper values to history file List Save point cloud to .txt Exceptions summary Save SnapShots to history file Start and end times of run External Device Interface OPC Server Modbus TCP client 537 L aser M easurement