Precision Shop Tools 827 Edge Finders .375", .500" AND 10MM BODY DIAMETERS FOR FAST, ACCURATE WORK LOCATION Work surfaces may be located easily, quickly and accurately with these edge finders.Work with flat, straight edges, shoulders, grooves, round work, studs, dowels or center points and scribed lines – all can be accurately located with this handy tool. Body and contacts are made of tool steel, hardened, ground and lapped to close tolerances for diameter and concentricity. How To Use: Edge finders are easy to use. They are placed in a collet or chuck. The worktable is then traversed to obtain contact between the rotating edge finder and the work. Contact will shift to concentric position relative to the body and with very slight additional table adjustment, will move off center with a decided wobble. At this point, the center of the finder is exactly one- half the diameter of the contact from the work edge, permitting accurate location for other machining operations relative to the edge. For locating center points and scribed lines, the pointed contact is used by putting a pencil or rule against the center point and making it run concentrically.Then the point is brought down to the center point or intersection of scribed lines and the table is adjusted so that when the tool barely touches the work, the lineup with the point in question can be ascertained. 827B with double end 827MA single end Above: Locating the center with 827MB Left: Locating the edge of a part with 827MA Wiggler or Center Finder with Att achments 828 Wiggler/Center Finder S828 and four different attachments adapt to countless applications and are readily interchangeable. The attachments are snapped in the chuck without removing the collet nut and are clamped by a ball swivel-joint that permits adjustment to an angular position or true concentricity. With Pointed Shank 828A, working centers can be quickly and accurately located. Spring tension on the ball of the point permits guiding the point to true concentricity so that the work can be brought into perfect alignment with the machine spindle. Ball Contact 828B is useful in locating work by first bringing the contact (ball diameter .250" or 6.35mm) against the work, a slot, hole, shoulder, or end, and indexing the work to the desired position relative to the spindle. Disc Contact 828C, which has a small disc at the end (.100"/2.54mm) diameter, permits use in more confined areas such as slots or shallow holes. Offset Indicator Holder 828D with the Last Word® Test Indicators, the user can sweep holes or O.D.s for checking run-out or concentricity, establish center distances, check straightness or alignment of flat surfaces. Wiggler or Center Finder with Attachments Cat. No. EDP Description S828HZ 53064 Wiggler/Center Finder, Complete with case and 4 attachments, 828B, C, D, PT09186 S828 53065 Wiggler/Center Finder with 3 Attachments, 828B, C, PT09186, without indicator holder, without case 828A 53066 Wiggler/Center finder with pointed shank PT09186 71164 Pointed Shank only 828B 53067 Ball contact only (.250"/6.35mm ball) 828C 53068 Disc contact only (.100"/2.54mm disc) 828D 53069 Offset indicator holder only 827 Edge Finders Cat. No. EDP Body Diameter Contact Diameter Description 827A 53062 .375" .200" Single End 827B 53063 .500" .200" and pointed contact Double End 827MA 56041 10mm 6mm Single End 827MB 66452 10mm 6mm and pointed contact Double End Furnished in attractive, protective case. 828A 828B 828C 828D PT09186 Complete set with case includes: 828B Ball Contact, 828A Wiggle/Center Finder with pointed shank, 828C Disc Contact, and 828D Offset Indicator Holder 346 P recision S hop T ools