Tire Industry Guide to Technology At Starrett-Bytewise, we employ three types of sensor technologies: fixed point laser, displacement sensors, CrossCheck low-speed laser line sensors, and CrossCheckHD high-speed laser line sensors. All laser line sensors are designed and built by Starrett-Bytewise. CrossCheck Sensors project a laser line across a profile, digitize the image, and transform the image into a geometric coordinate system. Multi-sensor systems acquire thousands of data points around the profile and match them to a CAD template, where key measurement parameters are extracted. CrossCheck™ Special Applica tions Easy to use CrossCheck "shape tools" measure radius/diameter, height, width, angle, and location. Master Profile Comparison­provides Pass/Fail testing for contours, and makes small variations easily visible.All for less than the price of a single point laser sensor. CrossCheck is ideal for OEMs who need a fully designed, calibrated, and environmentally sealed 3D laser machine vision solution. • CrossCheck's affordability and simplicity bring profile measurement to the entire organization • R&D: Reverse Engineering • Engineering: Design Validation • Production: Monitor and control • Quality: Process Studies • Maintenance: Set Up and Adjustment Laser Line Source Thickness Range Width Range Detector Component Preparation Tread and Sidewall Extrusion Calendar Apex Extrusion On-Line Profilometer Gum Calendar Monitor Profile360™ On-Line Profile Measurement System Off-Line Profilometer Overlapping Ply Splice Monitor Profilometer 3D Off-Line Profilometer SL CrossCheck Width Tire Building Carcass Drum Belt/Tread Drum Shaping Drum Overlapping Inner Liner and Body Ply Splice Monitor CrossCheck Belt Edge and Dog-Ear Splice Monitor GTU Radial Runout and Lateral Runout Monitor GTU Diagnostic System GTU Diagnostic System GTU Diagnostic System Tire Development and Testing Tread Wear Tire Profile Sidewall Profile Tire360 CTWIST - Circumferential Tread Wear Imaging System Bead-to-Bead Tire Profile Measurement System GEO-360 CrossCheck 538 L aser M easurement