3089 Dial Bore Gages The 3089 Dial Bore Gages offer precision,a full compliment of features and excellent value. Fea tures • Ergonomic design with non-slip insulating grip • Carbide contacts for extended wear • 2-point contact • All anvils laser marked for easy selection • Gage chart for quick and easy anvil selection • Includes sturdy aluminum case with cutouts for gage and all accessories • Resolution: .0005" Dial Bore Gages 3089 Dial Bore Gages Cat. No. EDP Measuring Range Probe Depth 3089Z-131-715J 12456 0.7-1.5" 6" 3089Z-131-1424J 12457 1.4-2.4" 6" 3089Z-131-26J 12458 2-6" 6" 3089M-181-35J 72948 18-35mm 300mm 3089M-181-50J 72949 35-50mm 300mm 3089M-181-160J 72950 50-160mm 300mm 3089 Dial Bore Gage Sets Cat. No. EDP Measuring Range Set Includes 3089Z-131-26J 13016 0.7-6" 3089Z-131-715J,3089Z-131-1424J,3089Z-131-26J S3089MZ-181-160J 13015 50-160mm 3089M-181-35J, 3089M-181-50J, 3089M-181-160J 3089 Dial Bore Gage Accessories Cat. No. EDP Description 3089-RS36B 72969 Bore gage setter with 36 Grade B gage blocks 3089Z-131-26J 3089Z-131-26J Probes 3089-RS36B 213 starrett.com B ore G ages New!