Special Function Indica tors 696, 696M Crankshaft Distortion Dial/Strain Gage 2-3/8–18"/61–458MM Ideal gage for checking bearing alignment or shaft deflection without dismantling the engine.Also useful as a strain gage on engine frames.This inside measuring gage checks the distortion of crankshaft webs and bears a direct relation to existing misalignment or excessive bearing wear. Used on all diesel engine shafts and center crankshafts on any type of engine or compressor, the gage can also be applied as a strain gage on engine frames while the engine is operating. A comparison of readings taken at top and bottom positions indicates any misalignment of cylinder and frame which results in local over-stress and eventual cracking of the frame neck. With a special spring tension in the dial indicator,the gage is self-sustaining in any position without sacrificing necessary rigidity, leaving the operator's hands free. Hardened and ground to a sharp point, conical contact points have an approximate 60º included angle, and will stay in place on 45º surfaces. 696B Balancing Attachment is furnished with the gage. For certain applications, like turning the crank under test with the gage in place, the attachment can be adjusted to maintain the face of the indicator upward or in desired position. To install on a strain gage in use, remove the knurled clamping nut, then the doweled plate or end strap at either end by the screw. The unit is then positioned over the hubs on two sides of the indicator head. A spring plunger provides the friction that holds the balance in proper relation to position. The parts are nickel plated. The dial indicator movement is approximately 5/32" (4mm) and with rods and extension, provides a range from 2 3/8-18" or 61- 458mm. There are 10 rods and one extension furnished. Rods are marked to designate the approximate overall length of the gage.Indicator has a movable bezel to adjust the dial in relation to the hand and a non-breakable crystal. Designed in collaboration with HartfordSteamBoilerInspectionand Insurance Company. It was known as the Hartford Steam Boiler Engine Strain Gage and is used by their inspectors to check the distortion of engine shafts and frames. 696B Balancing Attachment 696 and 696M Crankshaft Distortion Dial/Strain Gages Cat. No. EDP Range Dial Indicator Description Graduation Dial Reading Range One Rev. 696Z 52901 2-3/8–18" .001" 0-20-0 .040" Strain Gage with Balancing Attachment 696MZ 52902 61-458mm 0.02mm 0-50-0 1mm Millimeter Strain Gage with BalancingAttachment 696B 52903 Balancing Attachment Only Gage furnished with 10 rods, sharp points and balancing attachment in attractive, protective case. STRAIN GAGE APPLIED TO CRANK OF DIESEL ENGINE TO DETERMINE IMPROPER ALIGNMENT. Fig. 1 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 2 TO DETERMINEALIGNMENT,SETTHE STRAIN GAGE SO THAT IT JUST CLEARS CONNECTING ROD. TURN ENGINE UNTIL CONNECTING ROD NEARLY TOUCHES STRAIN GAGE ROD ON OTHER SIDE AND TAKEA READINGAT EACH QUARTER. MISALIGNMENT OF CYLINDER AND ENGINE FRAME (SHOWNEXAGGERATEDFORPURPOSESOFILLUSTRATION) STRAIN BETWEEN APPLIED ENGINE FRAME (WHILE OPERATING), DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TOP AND BOTTOM READINGS OF THE STRAIN GAGE INDICATES IMPROPER ALIGNMENT, CAUSING CRACKS. CYLINDER DRAIN PIPE OIL PIPE C-CLAMP ON RIB STRAIN GAGE STRAIN GAGE STRAIN GAGE CRACK FROM UNSYMMETRICAL STRAIN ENGINE FRAME A B DISTORTION OF FLANGE FROM MISALIGNMENT 696Z 195 starrett.com I ndica tors and G ages