167 , 167M 1/64-1/2"/0.5-15MM 167 .010-.500 110 Gage Holder S167 , S167M Sets 1/64-1/2"/0.5-15MM SD167 Sets .010-.500 Radii or fillets can be checked or laid out easier, faster, and more accurately with Starrett 167 Radius Gages. Available individually and in sets, fractional sizes 1/64-1/2", decimal sizes .010-.500" and in millimeters from 0.5-15mm. Many different sets for maximum convenience. Each set is furnished in an attractive case, providing complete protection and easy, instant selection of the right gage size for the job. Gage Fea tures • Made of satin finish stainless steel – rust and stain resistant • Each gage is clearly marked with its radius • Each gage has five different gaging surfaces for both convex and concave radii • All gages have precision finished radii with extra smooth, accurate edges Gage Holder Fea tures • Any gage can be used with the Starrett 110 holder which is especially useful for checking radii in confined or hard-to-reach locations • Two slots are provided in the holder permitting gages to be held at 30º or 45º, either square in the slot or tipped to one side • The holder is 4" (100mm) long, providing good reach and balance Gaging radii using gage with holder S167CHZ Radius Gage Set with 25 gages and holder in case Holder 110 with 167-3/16 attached Radius Gages 334 F ixed G age S t andards