Squares Invented by our founder, the combination square was our first product and today, our brand is considered to be the best available.This section offers a range of high quality solid squares, tri-squares specialty products and accessories that is especially broad and deep. 265 Precision Rules, Straight Edges and Parallels Our comprehensive line offers a choice of temper, 10 English and 8 metric graduation styles with several width, thickness and length options and a full range of accessories and holders. Straight edges and parallels made with the same care and accuracy as our precision rules are also available. 283 Protractors and Angle Measurement We offer a variety of tools with a sharply graduated 180° scales intersected by a movable blade, a bevel protractor, protractor/depth gages and special drill point gage.We also have available an indicator protractor head for use with custom engineered applications. 305 Calipers, Dividers and Trammels Manufacturing calipers and dividers since about 1890, we continue to build them with the same level of quality today. Even with many more options available today, these tools are still the best choice for many measurement transfer, scribing and other jobs. We also offer trammel heads, divider points and attachments. 311 Hole and Slot Gages We offer several varieties of small hole gage sets as well as telescoping gages for larger holes. Our taper gages are inserted into a hole or slot, with the diameter determined by the reading on the tool's etched scale. 319 5 Check out our website for interactive features at starrett.com PRECISION TOOLS