Outside Micrometers T444.1 Outside Micrometer The T444.1 Outside Micrometers have a heat-insulator on the frame to help reduce temperature-related expansion or contraction. The spindle and anvil have flat measuring faces and are carbide-tipped for wear resistance. A spindle lock helps provide secure locking of the measurement. Fea tures • No-glare satin chrome finish which resists rust • Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability • Balanced frame and thimble design to ensure easy handling and better readability • Insulated frame for prevention of temperature related expansion and contraction • Provides quick and easy adjustment • Reading in ten-thousandths of an inch (.0001") with a vernier scale on the sleeve T444.1XRL-1 T444.1XRL-4 Cat. No. EDP Graduation Range T444.1XRL-1 52083 .0001" 0-1" T444.1XRL-2 52084 .0001" 1-2" T444.1XRL-3 52085 .0001" 2-3" T444.1XRL-4 52086 .0001" 3-4" T444.1XRL-5 52087 .0001" 4-5" T444.1XRL-6 52088 .0001" 5-6" 444.1MXRL-25 51072 .01mm 0-25mm 444.1MXRL-50 51073 .01mm 25-50mm 444.1MXRL-75 51085 .01mm 50-75mm 444.1MXRL-100 51088 .01mm 75-100mm 444.1MXRL-125 51091 .01mm 100-125mm 444.1MXRL-150 91094 .01mm 125-150mm Sets Cat. No. EDP Graduation Range Description ST444.1BXRLZ 72531 .0001" 0-4" Set of four micrometers in metal case ST444.1CXRLZ 72532 .0001" 0-6" Set of four micrometers in metal case S444.1MBXRLZ 21089 .01mm 0-100mm Set of four micrometers in metal case S444.1MCXRLZ 21090 .01mm 0-150mm Set of four micrometers in metal case All micrometers and sets furnished with a protective case. 31 starrett.com M icrometers New!