TOV2 Optical Compara tor Telecentric Video Adapter The TOV2 telecentric lens and video camera can be interchanged with the fixed magnification lenses on Starrett Optical Comparators that utilize MetLogix™ M3 software.The TOV2 is available with a choice of 0.16x, 0.3x or 0.5x telecentric lenses as an option with new Starrett comparators and an easy-to-install field retrofit. Fea tures and Specifica tons • Interchangeable bayonet-style lens mount with choice of 3 telecentric lenses, a surface ring light and video camera to create a video measuring system • Offers a choice of .16x,.3x or .5x telecentric magnification lenses • Changeover between normal optical mode andTOV2 is easy and fast • Lens locks into comparator body and is pre-aligned • Utilizes MetLogix™ M3 measuring software and a touch-screen with PC for video display • Maximizes existing investment to provide a low cost entry into video measurement technology • Available for other makes of optical comparators, please call for more information M3 software display 471 O ptical C ompara tors New!