A V300+ MULTI-SENSOR An enhanced version of the popular AV300 CNC video-based measurement system. The AV300+ system improves measuring performance by utilizing a precision granite base along with an extended travel Z column, delivering 12 x 6 x 8" (300 x 150 x 200mm) X-Y-Z measuring range. The system is a servo driven motion platform for enhanced performance and includes a 12:1 zoom lens, hi-resolution digital color camera and a choice of fiber optic or LED Illumination. Complete with vibration isolation and integrated machine stand, the AV300+ delivers more capability for multi-sensor requirements.The AV300+ is powered by QC5300 software to handle a variety of measuring applications. Systems are available with vision, touch probe, laser sensors and rotary fixtures. Automa tic Vision Metrology Systems AV+ OPTICS Optical Parameters Dedicated Zoom Optics 12:1 Optical magnification on CCD 1.4x to 4.7x Total magnification on monitor 26x to 310x Field of view width .44" to 0.47" (11 to 1.2mm) Working distance 3.47" (86mm) Camera CCD 1/3" OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature QC5300 24" (60cm) color graphic touch-screen monitor and PC x External motion control unit x Windows® -based operating system x Wi-Fi network connectivity x CAD file import and export x Video edge detection x X-Y-Z measurements x 2D geometric constructs x 3D geometric constructs x CNC control capability x Report generation and archiving x Software developer Metronics/Heidenhain AV300+ shown with system stand and control cart - included AV300+ 432 V ision S ystems