MetLogix™ Software M1, M2 and M3 FOR OPTICAL COMPARATORS Graphics rich display, large icon buttons, and intuitive operation. Coordinate display for X and Y linear axes and Q angular values for screen rotation. Easy part alignment and datum function. M1, M2 and M3 MetLogix™ control software provides a broad range of powerful, user- friendly functions on a compact, icon-based touchscreen interface in place of the traditional control. MetLogix™ M1 MetLogix™ M2 MetLogix™ M3 Mounted to comparator arm x x Color graphics x x x Touch-screen operation x x x Operating system Android Windows® Windows® X-Y-Q (angle) measurements x x x 2D geometry software with skew x x x Optical edge detection option x x x Video edge detection option x CAD file import and export option x x CNC drive option x x M1 shown on HE400 M2 shown Fea tures • Clean and simple touchscreen interface with large icon buttons and intuitive operation • Graphics-rich display providing instant information on feature form, tolerances, and measurement data • Coordinate display for X and Y linear axes and Q angular values for screen rotation • Easy part alignment and datum functions • Measure and tolerance these geometric features: point, line, angle, distance, radius, diameter • As you measure, a part view is created in the feature view. Constructions between features such as distances and bolt hole pattern can been done by simple selections from the part view. • Forrepetitivepartmeasurement,createapartprogramthat will visually guide operators through part measurement • Optional optical edge detection provides better throughput and removes operator subjectivity • Video edge detection option on M3 only • Four different report forms can be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel, text files, or to an SPC program • M2 and M3 utilize a Windows® -based operating system enables flexible data export and interface capability • M1 utilizes an Android operating system and a Bluetooth® connection to the host Optical Comparator • Fast, easy connection to printers and networks 476 V ision S ystems S oftware