Vertical Floor St anding Optical Compara tor VF600 If your measuring requirements demand the use of a large screen vertical axis comparator, then look no further than the VF600. Ideal for the larger components found in the electronics, stamping, and extrusion industries, the VF600 is the ultimate in vertical axis optical comparators; a design based on years of knowledge in the manufacture of high performing optical comparators. OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature MetLogix™ Quadra-Chek® M2 QC221 Mounted to comparator arm x x Color graphics x Touch screen operation x Operating system Windows® X-Y-Q axis digital readout x x 2D geometry software with skew x x Optical edge detection option x x Software developer MetLogix™ Metronics/Heidenhain SPECIFICATIONS VF600 Horizontal Travel 8" (200mm) Vertical Travel 4" (100mm) Focus Travel 4" (100mm) Top Plate* 16 x 9" (400 x 230mm) Glass Insert 9-1/4 x 5-1/2" (235 x 140mm) Image Inverted and reversed *With machined slots for easy fixturing VF600 460 O ptical C ompara tors