The St arrett Story A brief history of The L.S. Starrett Company, which was founded over 133 years ago by an early mechanical genius, Laroy S. Starrett. It reviews the founder's boyhood years, business problems and successes, tools introduced, personal philosophy and community service. A fascinating story of ambition, perseverance, accomplishment and contribution to industry and his fellow man. Tools and Rules for Precision Measuring This valuable and popular training aid includes coverage of newer tools as well as the familiar reference material to traditional topics.This booklet tells the story of precision measurements in down-to-earth language that has been popular over the years. Information includes: linear measuring standards; measuring and transferring measurements; steel rules; calipers and dividers; how to read vernier tools and the micrometer; types of micrometers; gage blocks and digital measuring tools; dial indicators; layout with accuracy; measuring lathe work; measuring screw threads; facts about fit; limits of tolerance; electronic tools; and also includes a helpful reference section – decimal equivalents, squares, cubes, square and cube roots, tap drill and screw thread information. Free Litera ture AVAILABLE AT STARRETT.COM Cat. No. Description 1211 Tools and Rules Complete list of literature, visit Cat. No. Description 1216 The Starrett Story Complete list of literature, visit 574 V oca tional and E duca tional