Angle and Center Gages 466 Angle Gage 1-45º A convenient, timesaving tool for inspectors, toolmakers, and diesinkers when checking angles.Tool also replaces a protractor in many instances. The gage has 18 leaves, each with a different angle including 14-1/2º (1/2 the Acme Standard of 29º). Leaves are made of the finest spring- tempered steel and both the angle edge and two sides are ground. Approximately 9/32" thick, 1-1/16" wide and 4-3/16" long. C391 Center Gage 60º AMERICAN NATIONAL C396 Center Gage 55º WHITWORTH OR ENGLISH C398M Center Gage 60º METRIC • Extremely handy for use in grinding and setting screw cutting tools • Meets American National or U.S. 60º, Whitworth or English 55º, and Metric 60º standards • Very useful for finding number of threads per inch through graduations in 14ths, 20ths, 24ths and 32nds of an inch on C391 and C396 • Graduations on C398M are in mm and 1/2mm • C391 Gage also has a table of double depths of threads for determining size of tap drills • Made of spring-tempered steel with satin chrome finish • Ground gaging surfaces 466 Angle Gage Cat. No. EDP Range Leaves Angles Available 466 52463 1-45º 18 1º, 2º, 3º, 4º, 5º, 7º, 8º, 9º, 10º, 12º, 14º, 14-1/2º, 15º, 20º, 25º, 30º, 35º, 45º Center Gages with Inch Graduations Cat. No. EDP Description C391 51475 American National Standard, 60º C396 51477 Whitworth or English Standard, 55º Center Gages with Millimeter Graduations Cat. No. EDP Description C398M 51478 Metric Standard, 60º 466 C391 331 F ixed G age S t andards