Precision Rules Inch Gradua tion Styles Third Edge: 10ths *  Suffix "R" designates Quick-Reading graduations NOTE:  All rules under 1" in width have single row of inch figures. Rules 1" and wider have double row of inch figures, and each edge represents the bottom edge reading left to right. 1 First Edge: 10ths, 20ths, 50ths, 100ths Second Edge: 12ths, 24ths, 48ths Fourth Edge: 14ths, 28ths Third Edge: 16ths, 32nds, 64ths 3R* First Edge: 32nds Second Edge: 64ths Fourth Edge: 10ths Third Edge: 50ths 4R* First Edge: 64ths Second Edge: 32nds Fourth Edge: 8ths Third Edge: 16ths 5R* First Edge: 10ths Second Edge: 100ths Fourth Edge: 32nds Third Edge: 64ths 6R* First Edge: 50ths Second Edge: 50ths Fourth Edge: 10ths 286 P recision R ules , S traight E dges , P arallels