Large Forma t Premier LF LF AND LFM Our LF Premier machines offer X-Y travel from 18" (460mm) to a generous 28" (711mm). Z travel is 8" (200mm). (Larger sizes available upon request.) Increased accuracy helps you verify critical dimensions. Ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering, or manufacturing environments. LF models utilize air-rearing and linear motor X-Y transport for ultra smooth, high speed positioning. LFM models are equipped with precision mechanical bearing linear guides driven by precision ground ball screws and servo motors. OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature MetLogix™ M3 QC5300 21.5" monitor with touch screen x 21.5" monitor with desktop PC x x External motion control unit x x Windows® -based operating system x x Wi-Fi network connectivity x x CAD file import and export x x Video edge detection x x X-Y-Z measurements x x 2D geometric constructs x x 3D geometric constructs x CNC control capability x x Report generation and archiving x x Software developer MetLogix™ Metronics/Heidenhain LF OPTICS Optical Parameters Dedicated Zoom Optics 6.5:1 12:1 Optical magnification on CCD 0.47x to 3.0x 1.4x to 4.7x Total magnification on monitor 31x to 198x 26x to 310x Field of view width .39 to .06" (10 to 1.6mm) .44 to .047" (11 to 1.2mm) Working distance 3.47" (88mm) 3.47" (86mm) Camera CCD 1/3" 1/3" LF463 436 V ision S ystems