Dial Calipers 120B, 120MB Dial Calipers with Long Nib Jaws 0-12"/0-300MM This tool is a direct reading caliper with 3" (75mm) long jaws, ideal for heavy duty use and for gaining access to more measuring area than with conventional calipers. Strong inside and outside nibs measuring from zero for outside measuring and from .300" or 8mm for inside measuring. 120B-12 120JZ-6 PT26151 120J Offset Dial Caliper 0-6" This tool has an adjustable jaw for versatility when measuring different planes that can't be reached with a regular caliper. The reference jaw is adjustable in height to be either longer or shorter than the sliding jaw. All other features are the same as our 120 Dial Caliper. • Adjustable jaw – 3-1/2" (88mm) long • Extends up to 5/8" (16mm) longer than the sliding jaws • Caliper in deluxe padded case Center Dist ance Att achment PT26151 A set of two jaws with body sizes of .400" and conical points, enabling the user to measure the center distance between holes or center-punched locations that are at least .400" apart and less than .400" in diameter. • Can be used with metric calipers by setting the caliper to 10.16mm • Will fit Starrett 797, 798 and 120, 6" through 12", 123, 6" through 24", and 1202, 4" through 12" sizes, and 799 6"and 8" sizes 120B and 120MB Dial Calipers with Long Nib Jaws Cat. No. EDP Range Dial Color 120B-12 65067 0-12" White 120MB-300 65154 0-300mm Yellow 120MB-300 W/SLC* 66923 * Includes redemption card for Standard Letter of Certification (SLC). 120J 0-6" Offset Dial Caliper Cat. No. EDP 120JZ-6 65866 Center Distance Attachment Cat. No. EDP PT26151 64440 99 starrett.com S lide C alipers