Performance Racing Cylinder Bore Gage The design of the cylinder gage is to access the engine's piston cylinder cavity through the spark plug opening. The design allows a quick check of racing specifications of the cylinder cavity diameter, especially modifications beyond what's acceptable, without the need to dismantle the engine block for access. St agger Pro 1000 The Stagger Pro 1000 utilizes electronic caliper technology to quickly and accurately record front and rear stagger for oval track car setup. The Stagger Pro is simple to use and eliminates potential errors that could result in costly setup mistakes.With simple button presses the Stagger Pro quickly measures each tire and calculates the front and rear stagger. Adjustable to accomodate a variety of tire sizes. Ride Height Gage Controlling the ride-height of a car is one of the most strict rules in racing. Starrett developed a custom-engineered Ride Height Gage that provides easier, more precise measurement before and after the race. 264 S pecial G aging