Special Gaging Wall thickness gages Dial Protractor Heads StarrettDialProtractorHeadsforspecialapplicationspermitrapidangularmeasurements. With 90º range and graduations of 5' they will assure accurate measurements. Specifications – Bezel diameter is 2-1/4"; case thickness is 1.34" from crystal to back; .25" dia. input shaft projects .63" from back of case. Main dial reading to customer specification; graduation – specify 0º5', 0º10' or 0º15'. Also available with balanced dials and with counterclockwise figures in red. Thickness gage with roller contacts Special Geometries Thickness Gages We have fulfilled many requests for special purpose gages to measure material thickness in hard to reach areas. Quick-Adjusting Micrometer Head We have developed a number of custom gages utilizing a Starrett 30380 Quick Adjusting Micrometer Head. It greatly increases the speed with which measurements can be taken. Pressing a button on the thimble allows the spindle to slide along its axis to any position within its range. Releasing the button re-engages the spindle threads,and thimble rotation is then used for final size adjustment. Gages with these micrometer heads can save a lot of time when taking precise measurements in hard to access areas 260 S pecial G aging