Vision Systems Video-based measurement systems combine high-resolution images, powerful-intuitive software and precision mechanical platforms to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results for a wide range of precision measurement applications 423 Video Inspection Sytems The KineMicâ„¢ video based microscopes are a family of versatile and affordable inspection and measurement systems. 445 Optical Compara tors Optical comparators provide a time tested,cost effective solution for non- contact measurement.Optical comparators are used for an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection and measurement applications. 449 Software Starrett offers multiple software and metrology readout solutions to meet the needs of Quality Departments,Engineering and Manufacturing alike. 475 Ma terial Testing and Force Measurement Turnkey system solutions for material testing, force analysis and force measurement. Our systems distinguish themselves from the competition by making it easy to create and perform a test, and manage test results. We offer a full range of test frames, software, load cell sensors, test fixtures and more. 481 7 Check out our website for interactive features at PRECISION TOOLS