657-1, 657-2 Magnetic Base Universal Indica tor Holder WITH TRIPLE JOINTED ARM AND FINE ADJUSTMENT This versatile indicator holder has three pivots available for positioning the indicator where needed. All pivots are controlled by one tightening knob. It will hold: • Any indicator with a 3/8" (9.5mm) stem (such as our 25, 650 and 651 Indicators) • Any indicator with a standard dovetail mount (such as our 708, 709, and 811 Indicators) • Anyindicatorwitha1/4"(6.3mm)shank(suchasour196Indicator) • Any indicator with a 3/16" (4.7mm) shank (such as our 708, 709, 811 and 711 Indicators) • Any indicator with a body clamp (such as our 711 Indicators) • The working area is within a hemisphere having a radius of approximately 12" (300mm) • The very sensitive fine-adjustment is located on the magnetic base to eliminate indicator deflection when it is being adjusted • The 657-3 Universal Indicator Holder Arm Assembly can also be used on the 659P Base using the 659 Thread Adapter, PT18318 660 shown with Dial Indicator 657-1 with 196B1 Universal Dial Indicator 709A DialTest Indicator with dovetail mount 660 Magnetic Base Indica tor Holder WITH TRIPLE JOINTED ARM The compact and versatile 660 Magnetic Base Indicator Holder has three adjustable pivots controlled by a single knob for fast, easy indicator positioning. • Small but powerful magnetic base with 70lb (320N) holding force • Positive On/Off switch • BaseDimensions:1-3/16"x1-9/16"x1-3/8"(30mmx40mmx35mm) • Horizontal and vertical mounting positions • Will hold any indicator with a 3/8" (9.5mm) stem or standard dovetail mount • Articulating arm with powerful central locking knob, provides full 360º horizontal positioning and over 180º vertical positioning • Maximum Horizontal Reach: 4.750" (120mm); Maximum Vertical Reach: 7.500" (190mm) • Very sensitive fine-adjustment thumb screw Indica tor Holders A B D C 657-1and657-2MagneticBaseUniversalIndicatorHolders-IndividualComponents Photo Key Cat. No. EDP Description A 657-3 64438 Universal Indicator Holder Arm Assembly Only B* 657W 52763 Fine-Adjustment Attachment C* PT17850 72400 Indicator Holding Rod D 657P 52757 Magnetic Base Only E 657S 52759 Snug with Two 1/4" (6.3 mm) Holes 657-1and657-2MagneticBaseUniversalIndicatorHolders-CompleteAssemblies Cat. No. EDP Description 657-1 64436 Universal Indicator Holder,657W Fine-Adjustment including 657P Magnetic Base, PT17850 Indicator Holding Rod, and 657S Snug 657-2 64437 Universal Indicator Holder with 657 Magnetic Base * Not included with the 657-2 660 Magnetic Base Indicator Holder Cat. No. EDP Description 660 68621 Base Indicator Holder 180 I ndica tors and G ages