Laser Measurement We offer the Profile360 for in-line measurement of rubber and plastic extrusions, roll-formed metal profiles, pipe, and shaped wire profiles. We have a suite of tire industry products for in-process and off-line measurement in tread extrusion, calendering, tire building, bulge and depression measurement, and cured tire inspection. 527 Precision Ground Fla t Stock and Drill Rod We stock a full range of sizes in O1, A2, D2, A6, W1 and Low Carbon Steel. Specials can be produced in as little as 5 days at our North Carolina manufacturing facility. Starrett Ground Flat Stock and Drill Rod is of the highest quality, in fact we use it in the production of many of our own Precision Measuring Tools. 549 Voca tional and Educa tional Our educational literature is used as a resource in the machinist's shop, the classroom or for the everyday end-user. It ranges from posters that can be hung in the workshop to booklets that explain how to utilize your Starrett tools. Pocket cards and memo pads are also available for those who need precise measurements while on the job or in the classroom. 571 Reference T ables 577 Index 593 8