Surface Roughness Testers SR160, SR300 AND SR400 The SR160 is the latest to join a line of unique equipment to compliment the SR300 and SR400. Starrett surface roughness testing equipment is simple, accurate and of high quality. These units are tough, shock tested, and capable of withstanding the demands of a shop environment. Our surface roughness testers meet the increasing requirements across industries like safety, aerospace, automotive, precision bearings, and general manufacturing. Roughness Testers SR300/SR400 Accessories - SR160 Cat. No. EDP Description SR-112-3188 72667 Magnetic base SR-112-4545 20220 USB charger SR-112-5085 72666 Hard transport case SR-112-2937 20968 Extra reference standard Accessories - SR300 and SR400 Cat. No. EDP Description SR-112-1534 20962 Reference standard SR-112-2693 20964 Column and stand SR-112-4545 20220 USB charger SR-112-1517 20963 Support stand SR-112-4570 20998 USB thermal printer SR-112-4571 20999 Thermal paper SR-112-1645 73033 Pair of 115mm (5.85") vee blocks SR-112-2694 73036 Precision vise SR-112-2695 73037 Ball joint vice Software Cat. No. EDP Description SR-112-3680 20952 TalyProfile Gold - 2D analysis SR-112-3681 20953 TalyProfile Silver - 2D analysis Parameters Cat. No. EDP Description SR-112-4607 73038 AN-10 ISO 13565 automotive parameters for S116 SR-112-4608 73039 AN-11 statistics madule for S116 SR-112-4609 73040 AN-12 ISO primary parameter set for S116 Pick-Ups Cat. No. EDP Description SR-112-1510 20961 7.875" (200mm) extension rod with lead SR-112-1502 20956 Standard pick-up with 200μin (5μm) stylus SR-112-1503 20957 Standard pick-up with 400μin (10μm) stylus SR-115-P28495 21004 Small bore pick-up SR-112-1505 20959 Right angle pick-up SR-112-1506 20960 Recess pick-up SR-112-1524UB 73028 Pick-up with chisel edge stylus SR-112-1525 73029 Pick-up lift mechanism SR-112-1531UB 73030 Pick-up with slide skid SR-112-1599UB 73032 Pick-up with shoe SR-112-2672UB 73034 Recess pick-up (2µm, 80µin, tip radius) SR-112-2673UB 73035 Small bore pick-up (2µm,80µin,tip radius); SR-112-4701 is preferred SR-112-4707 73041 O-Ring pick-up SR-112-4708 73042 25mm recess pick-up SR-112-4709 73043 15mm recess pick-up SR-12-4710 73044 O-Ring pick-up narrow SR-112-4712 73046 O-Ring pick-up; deep 25mm SR-112-4713 73047 O-Ring pick-up; deep 25mm with 2µm tip SR-112-4714 73048 Flat skid pick-up SR-112-4715 73049 Standard 112/1502 pick-up with 2.5µm tip SR-112-4716 73050 Side skid pick-up 112/1531 with 2µm tip All accessories listed above are available for order. Please contact your local Starrett representative for additional or special requirements. Surface Roughness Testers Cat. No. EDP Description SR160 72584 SR160 display with 5mm traverse unit, pick-up, diamond stylus, calibration standards, manual, carrying case, and international power adaptors. SR300 21000 SR300 display with 17.5mm traverse unit, TalyProfile Lite software, pick-up, diamond stylus, calibration standard, manual and carrying case. SR400 21001 SR400 display with 25mm traverse unit, TalyProfile Lite software, pick-up, diamond stylus, calibration standard, manual and carrying case. SR160 245 G age A mps , H ardness and S urface T esters New!