815 Toolmakers' Hammer with Built-In Magnifying Lens A PRACTICAL TOOL – MAKES A GREAT GIFT TOO! Faster, easier and more accurate spotting and punching of centerlines and intersections is now possible with the this tool. High-power magnification makes it easy to spot the punch and strike without once removing the eyes from the work. Weighing only four ounces (113 grams) it is made of a steel forged chromium with plated finish. Both flat and ball peen heads are hardened and are offset for use in corners or close to obstructions. Shock resistant lens and hang hole. Above: 129 Right: 119 129 Bench Blocks The 129 Bench Block is useful for holding work when driving pins, drilling, etc. The block is made from hardened steel and ground.A V-groove across the face accommodates round and odd-shaped stock. The smooth finish preserves the finish of the work being held. The knurled side provides a good gripping surface, making it easier to handle. Recessed base to make it lighter, yet withstands hard usage. Precision Shop Tools Locating hole center on a workpiece with the 117B Center Punch and 815 Toolmakers' Hammer 119 Bench Blocks The 119 Bench Block is a good choice for all-around machine shop and toolroom use when a larger, heavy-duty block is required. This block weighs five pounds (2.3kg). The base is hex-shaped, so the block can be held rigidly in a vise. It is made from alloy steel, hardened, and ground, top and bottom. 815 Toolmakers' Hammer with Built-In Magnifying Lens Cat. No. EDP Description 815 53041 Hammer only 815P 53042 Personalized (specify name clearly) 129 Bench Blocks Cat. No. EDP Size Diameter x Height Description 129 50559 3 x 1-1/2" (75 x 38mm) 129 bench block with oversize holes from 1/8- 5/8" (3-16mm) diameter and one V-Groove 119 Bench Blocks Cat. No. EDP Size Diameter x Height Description 119 50491 4-7/8 x 1-1/2" (120 x 38mm) 119 Bench Block with ten oversize holes from 1/8-7/8" (3-22mm) diameter and two V-Grooves at right angles 348 P recision S hop T ools