258RRB, 258RRBM Reverse Reading Blocks for 258 Digi-Chek™ Height Gage Used on 258 DIGI-CHEK™ Height Gages for the precise calibration of working gages and for setting dial bore gages. The block fits in alternate inch positions, its tongue entering the odd numbers and its groove entering the even numbers of the gage block stack. 258R, 258MR Riser Blocks for 258 Digi-Chek™ Height Gage Increases the range of Inch reading 258 DIGI-CHEK™ Height Gages by 10" and metric reading 258 DIGI-CHEKs™ by 250mm. Heavily flanged for rigidity and stability. Both top and base have three ground and lapped pads to match the pads on the DIGI-CHEK™ base. Retaining plate prevents the DIGI-CHEK™ from being pushed or sliding off the pads. Attractive black wrinkle finish. If desired, riser blocks can be stacked one on top of another. Right: PT08680A Middle: PT08962A Left: PT05409A Depth Gage Att achments for Height Gages These attachments replace standard scribers and measure the depths of holes and slots, recesses; inside of jigs, fixtures; and over high projections. They have adjustable rods which are held in the desired position by a knurled binding nut. The ends have a slight radius for point contact on the work. Height Gage Accessories Depth Gage Attachments for Height Gages Part No. EDP Rod Length Fits Starrett Height Gage No./Size PT08962A 51233 6" (150mm) 255 8", 12", 18", 300mm, 450mm PT05409A 51227 8" (200mm) 254 12", 18", 24", 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and all Metric and English 259, 180 and 240, 3752 120 (300mm) and 240 (600mm), 755 240 (600mm) PT08680A 51383 6" (150mm) 751 258RRB and 258RRBM Reverse Reading Blocks Cat. No. EDP Description HG 258.RRB 92433 Fits 12", 18" and 24" Gages HG 258.RRBM 92434 Fits 300mm, 450mm and 600mm Gages 258R Riser Blocks (10" Blocks) Cat. No. EDP Accuracy For: HG 258.R 99865 ±.­000040" 12" Gage HG 258.RA 99866 18" Gage 258MR Riser Blocks (250mm Blocks) Cat. No. EDP Accuracy For: HG 258.MR 99867 ±0.001mm 300mm Gage HG 258.MRA 99868 450mm Gage 258RRB 258R 119 starrett.com H eight G ages