Systems S2 Systems Preconditioning options include scragging and load set. (Above) You can scrag your spring based on a number of cycles or based on a time duration. (Below) Your spring may be set solid as a preconditioning prior to your actual test procedure. For example, compress to 12 lbf and hold for 1 minute. Createcompressionandextensiontestsusingthetesttemplates supplied standard with your S2 system. Or, use the optional Test Builder application to create sophisticated, multi-point test setups for more advanced spring measurement. The optional S2 Automation Builder software works with the S2 Test Builder application so you can use conditional branching and digital I/O to interface with ancillary equipment such as annunciators, conveyors and turret loading devices. The Pre Test step lets you specify test attributes before you actually begin your testing. Set units of measure,pre-conditioning,user prompts and datum criterion. 496 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement