819 Hinge-Loca ting This automatic centering punch combines all the features of our 818 lightweight aluminum punch with an exclusive self-centering locating sleeve that automatically centers starter holes for screws • Simply engage the beveled edge of the sleeve with the countersunk hole in the hinge and press down on the handle until the built-in mechanism strikes a blow for truly concentric starting holes every time. To draw hinges, etc., sideways, tilt the punch slightly in the opposite direction. • Eliminates the risk of drilling off center, causing screws to pull hinges or hardware off center • Punch can be adjusted for striking light or heavy impressions by turning the knurled cap • Point is easily removed for replacement (Replacement PT09966-0) Automa tic Center Punches with Adjust able Stroke Easy one-hand precision center punching Automatically locates and centers holes through hinges, latches, catches, etc. Rugged automatic center punch with adjustable stroke 18 Rugged automatic punches with all-steel handles and parts • Internal mechanism automatically strikes a blow when downward pressure is applied • Adjustable knurled cap regulates the force of the blow • Spring tension, which regulates the blow, is constant so marks made by the point are uniform in depth and size for each setting • All sizes are identical in style, differing only in the striking power • The point can be easily removed for regrinding or replacement • Heavy-duty 18C is capable of striking a much heavier blow than the other sizes 818 This punch is similar to our 18C, except that it has a lightweight, knurled aluminum handle for a positive grip and easy handling • No hammer required! Just hold the punch in an upright position, press the handle down, and a built-in mechanism strikes a perfect center mark every time. • The force of the blow can be adjusted by turning the knurled cap • All working parts made of properly hardened tool steel. Hardened tool steel point may easily be removed for resharpening or replacement. (Replacement PT22256) • Works on metal, plastics, wood and other machinable materials Punches Automatic Center Punches with Adjustable Stroke Cat. No. EDP Length Diameter Description in mm in mm 18AA 50119 4 100 7/16 11 Punch 18A 50120 5 125 9/16 14 18C 56757 5-1/4 130 11/16 17 Punch, Heavy-Duty Accessories Part No. EDP Description PT06689 12901 Point only for 18AA PT06690 12902 Point only for 18A PT22256 72445 Point only for 18C 818 Automatic Center Punch Cat. No. EDP Length Diameter in mm in mm 818 53048 5 125mm 5/8 16 819 Hinge-Locating Automatic Center Punch Cat. No. EDP Length Diameter in mm in mm 819 53049 5 125 5/8 16 18A 818 819 349 starrett.com P recision S hop T ools