Depth Gages 5004 Electronic Depth Gages 0-24"/0-600MM • Ideal for large part measurement up to 24" (600mm) • Three movable bridge attachments provide additional large part measurement capacity Fea tures and Specifica tions • Hardenedstainlesssteelconstruction • Coolant resistant • Mode and Set buttons control a wide range of functions: On/Off, Absolute/Relative display, Inch/Metric display, Preset and Hold • RS232 data transmission port • Furnished with one CR2032 lithium battery that will provide over a year of life with normal use • Protective wooden case • Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm • Includes offset attachment PT06136 • IP67 protection IP Protection An IP number is composed of two numbers, the first referring to protection against solid objects and the second against liquids. First number 6: Totally protected against dust Second number 7:Protection against submersion in water under standardized conditions of pressure for 30 minutes 5004BZ-24/600 5004BZ-20/500 5004BZ-16/400 5004 Electronic Depth Gages Cat. No. EDP Range/Size Description 5004BZ-12/300 14583 0-12" (0-300mm) Electronic depth gage 5004BZ-16/400 14584 0-16" (0-400mm) Electronic depth gage 5004BZ-20/500 14585 0-20" (0-500mm) Electronic depth gage 5004BZ-24/600 14586 0-24" (0-600mm) Electronic depth gage 5004BZ-32/800 14587 0-32" (0-800mm) Electronic depth gage Accessories for 5004 Depth Gages Part No. EDP Range/Size Description PT06133 12825 16" (400mm) Movable bridge attachment for use with 5004 Depth Gages PT06134 12826 20" (500mm) Movable bridge attachment for use with 5004 Depth Gages PT06135 12827 24" (600mm) Movable bridge attachment for use with 5004 Depth Gages PT06136 12828 1.024" (26mm) overall length Offset attachment for use with 5004 Depth Gages Smart Cables for 5004 Depth Gages Cat. No. EDP Description 798SCKB 69889 USB cable to PC (In focused window) 798SCU 73321 SmartCable USB for 798, 5004B 798SCM 69894 Connect to 7612, 7613 Gage Mux 5004BZ with PT06133 124 D epth G ages