Digit al Force Gages DFC Digit al Force Controller The DFC is a revolutionary concept for force measurement using a handheld force gage.The DFC may be used as a high-accuracy handheld force gage or as a digital controller for use with the FMM Digital Force Testers. The DFC can serve as a universal interface where you set up your tests and where you configure load limits, distance limits, break limits, crosshead travel direction, crosshead speed and more. The DFC features a measurement accuracy of 0.1% full scale with internal data sampling at 25kHz. Display resolution is 10,000:1. The DFC features Bluetooth® , USB and RS-232 communications plus digital I/O. For Adv anced and Basic Testing Applica tions Starrett digital force gages can be used as handheld force gages for basic applications or as a force sensor when used with a FMM Digital Force Tester, MTL and MTH Manual Tester. Listed are the various test methods that can be performed: • Limit Testing - Use load, distance or a break condition and report results at the limit including maximum load and distance at maximum load. • Load Average Testing - The load average test measures the load from the start and end of a test sequence. • Time Average Testing - Set a time duration for a test.When load is measured at the start of the test, the test concludes at the end of the time duration. Average load is measured. • Cyclic Count Testing - Define the number of cycles, up to 99,999 to be completed. • Cyclic Duration Testing - Define the duration of cycles, up to 27 hours to be completed. • Constant Hold Testing - Hold at a distance or load for creep and relaxation results. The maximum duration is 27 hours. • Contact Closure/Switch Testing - Uses the DFC force gage to signal when an electronic switch is opened or closed as load is applied or removed. Tests Test Mode Distance Type Tension 50.00 25.00 Target Speed Easy Test Setup As a controller, the DFC can be used to measure load and control the FMM Test Frame. Create Load, Distance and Break Limit test methods in seconds. 50.20 L D 50.00 50.00mm mm N 3 Comprehensive Results At the completion of your test, the DFC will display load and distance results. These can be saved to memory or exported for reporting. DFC mounted on FMM-550X Digital Force Tester 516 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement New!