Gage Blocks Hea vy-Duty Steel Gage Block Sets and Accessories GAGING AREA 17/32 X 1-1/2" These heavy-duty gage block sets are primarily used for assembling together into exclusive Webber fixtures. Precision "yardsticks" and height gages can be built up to a required dimension by wringing blocks together and then by the use of eccentric clamps, locking them into place. All blocks over 1" long have 1/4" holes that accept eccentric clamps. All blocks 6" or larger have an insulated center grip to eliminate temperature variations caused by handling. Precision scribers and dividers for tool layout can be created in a few seconds. The center point is on a .500" center line of a 1" block. The scriber point may be sharpened indefinitely without altering the original accuracy. Snap gages with inside or outside calipers can be easily assembled using accessories like the eccentric clamps, a quick-acting clamp, and a pair of half-round or straight jaws. Snap gage is used to check inside dimensions of ring gage still mounted in internal grinder Precision scribers, dividers and snap gages Building up blocks into precision "yardsticks" HD 46.A1X INCH HD46.A1X 388 S t arrett -W ebber G age B locks