KineMic - KMR with D1 software D1 Inspection Software Fea tures • View and manipulate live and static images from a variety of inspection devices on any Windows® based operating system. Mouse/Keyboard and touchscreen systems are supported. • A simplified operating interface requires only a few quick clicks to capture,mark up, export, print and email images directly from your inspection equipment • Zoom and Pan the camera feed until the desired image is displayed. Add custom text, and graphic elements to generate detailed image capture for defect reporting and to improve overall visual communication of parts and component characteristics. • Perform basic calculations of feature size, position, and orientation using a simple cross-hair tool.Translate or rotate the cross-hair tool within the image window to probe circle, line, point, and angle features within the field of view. • Add feature annotation directly to selected features to display size, position and orientation results on either the video frame or within a blank part view space • Access previously stored images easily in the thumbnail image list. Convenient date and time stamps are added to help sort and review collections of images. D1 Software display 480 V ision S ystems S oftware