657A Magnetic Base Indica tor Holder with Swivel Post Assembly The swivel post assembly on these holders provides universal adjustment in both horizontal and vertical planes. Available with inch or millimeter Dial Test or Back-Plunger Indicators, they save time in shop set-up and other inspection jobs. For use with all Test, Back-Plunger, AGD, Dial and Miniature-Dial Indicators. Also accommodates similar indicators of other manufacturers. Powerful, permanent magnetic base holds firmly to steel or iron surfaces – horizontally, vertically, upside-down. Push-button turns magnetic force on or off for quick, one-hand set-up and take-down. V-step adapts base to horizontal or vertical arbors and chucks. There is an extra 1/4-20 NC tapped hole in side of base for indicator mounting post. Three precision ground magnetic contact surfaces (plus V-step). Black wrinkle finish on non-working surfaces. Magnetic Base Assembly Fea tures: A. 657P Magnetic Base is 1-15/16" x 1-5/8" x 1-7/8" (50 x 40 x 48mm) deep. B. Swivel Cap Slot permits 90º post travel to horizontal position. C. Post rotates 360º. D. 657F Indicator Swivel Post Assembly is 6-1/2" (165mm) high (less threaded end). Assembly consists of items B, C, E, F, G. E. Fine-Adjusting Screw. Turn to zero set indicator. F. Upper arm is 2" (50mm) long with a 5/16" (8mm) diameter and swings more than 180º; friction joint holds it in position. G. 7/32" (5.5mm) diameter step, 1/2" (13mm) long. 657A with 196B1 Universal Dial Indicator setting up workpiece on milling machine. 657A with 711LS Last Word Dial Test Indicator setting up workpiece on surface grinder. 657B 657C 657 Sets These sets have been put together for your ordering convenience, but you can mix and match other Starrett test or back- plunger indicators and attachments with the 657A Magnetic Base and Swivel Post Assembly to suit your needs. Indica tor Holders G D E C B A F 657A Magnetic Base Indicator Holder - Individual Components Cat. No. EDP Description 657A 52744 Magnetic Base with Swivel Post Assembly 657P 52757 Magnetic Base Only 657F 52752 Swivel Post Assembly Only 657T Flex-O-Post Indicator Holders with magnetic base - Individual Components Photo Key Cat. No. EDP Description F 657P 52757 Magnetic Base Only (A, B, C, D, E) 3657U 12695 Flex-O-Post with Locking Lever and Snug Only G 657W 52763 Fine-Adjustment Attachment A PT17850 72400 Indicator Holding Rod 657T Flex-O-Post Indicator Holders with magnetic base - Complete Assemblies Cat. No. EDP Description 657T 52760 Magnetic Base with Flex-O-Post Assembly 657TW 52761 Magnetic Base with Flex-O-Post Assembly and Fine-Adjustment Attachment 178 I ndica tors and G ages