Laser Measurement Profile360 is an in-line, real-time, non-contact measurement system for continuously monitoring key profile dimensions in complex shapes such as rubber, ceramic, plastic, and wood-plastic composite extrusions, roll-formed metal profiles, and profiled wire. Profile360 employs CrossCheck™ Line Laser Sensors to digitize the profile,compare it to a CAD template,and continuously monitor key dimensions. Dimensional changes often indicate a change in material, equipment, or process, resulting in poor quality or high scrap or reclaim cost. Profile360 continuously monitors the size and shape of complex profiles in order to assure quality and avoid the high cost of defects. The system acquires thousands of data points around the profile and matches them to a CAD template, where key measurement parameters such as width, thickness, gap, radius, and angle are extracted. Measurement parameters are compared to allowable control limits and displayed on the operator's terminal with a pass/caution/fail status indicator. Profile360 runs at rates up to 20 profiles per second. The system is available in standard sizes and can be custom-built for almost any size and shape. In-Line monitoring is displacing off-line checking methods: • Alarms immediately when the dimensions change so that operators can intervene to correct the process, resulting in improved quality, improved production yield, and reduced cost of scrap and rework • Provides instant measurements, so the operator can immediately see the results of all line adjustments • Provides 100% inspection of the entire run compared to periodic off-line checking, which can miss many disturbances • Used by many to decrease start-up time, resulting in higher production yield and lower scrap cost The Profile360™ Unlike oscillating measurement systems, Profile360 has no moving parts – no slides, motors, controllers, or encoders to require maintenance and calibration. The system is sealed and temperature controlled to assure a constant internal temperature. This results in a greatly reduced thermal drift for the system and assures a long laser diode life, even in tough environments. 528 L aser M easurement New!