Fixturing 578 V-Block and Clamp for Larger Capacity Work 4"/100MM CAPACITY This is our largest capacity V-block, which is ideal for toolroom, inspection and production work. Hardened steel • Precision ground flat, square and parallel • Rugged, reversible, hardened clamp can accommodate 9/16-4" (14-100mm) diameters of almost any shape of work • No clamp interference when the block lies on either side • Three available clamp positions • Two tapped holes (3/8-16) in one end for mounting the V-block perpendicular to faceplates, etc. • Available in matched pairs by special order 1.125" (28.6) 3.47" (88.1) 1.99" (50.5) 1.89" (48) 1.125" (28.6) 1.87" (47.5) Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 3-3/8 x 5-1/4 x 3" (86 x 133 x 75mm) 5-1/4" (133) 3" (75) 3-3/8" (86) Above: V-Block with reversible clamp in downward facing position (Line drawing illustrates clamp in upward facing position) 567 V-Block and Clamp 1-5/16"/33MM CAPACITY • The clamp is smaller than the outside width of the block, but has an adjustable side screw to support the block and prevent tilting • The V at the stepped end is at right angles to the base and is handy for holding shouldered studs, pins, etc. • A clearance hole for drilling or removing dowel pins is provided in the block • The block has four 3/8-16 tapped holes, two in the base and one on each side for attachment to an angle iron. The angle iron holding the block can then be attached to a lathe faceplate or held by a magnetic chuck. • The clamp is a strong forging • The block is hardened and precision ground. The sides are parallel and the V is central and parallel to the sides and base. • Can be used on its base, on the end or on either side 567 V-Block and Clamp Cat. No. EDP Capacity Description in mm 567 52588 1-5/16 33 Complete set with 1 V-Block and 1 clamp 567 V-Block and Clamp Accessories Cat. No. EDP Description 567B 70885 Clamp only 578 V-Block and Clamp Cat. No. EDP Description 578 64960 V-Block and clamp for larger capacity work 578B 64988 Clamp only with 2 screws 578 567 362 P recision S hop T ools