The St arrett Book for Student Machinists This familiar handbook for machine shop beginners is written in clear, simple language, contains 160 pages including 200 diagrams, illustrations, reference tables, and is fully indexed. Printed on coated paper with soil-resistant binding for durable machine shop use. Chapter Headings: Mechanical Drawings; Fits and Terminology; Bench Work; How to Make Measurements; Cutting Speed and Cutting Fluids; Drilling and Related Operations; Lathe Operations; Grinding; Metal Sawing; Toolmaking; Geometry; Mechanics. Set of 17 Educa tional Charts WALL SIZE | THREE-RING NOTEBOOK SIZE Seventeen white print charts help learners recognize basic tools, their principal parts and uses. Tools illustrated: outside and inside micrometers; micrometer depth gage; vernier caliper and height gage; electronic micrometer and caliper; hook rule; combination square and bevel protractor; dial indicator and dial test indicators; dial caliper; magnetic base indicator holders; surface gage. The set includes sheets on "How to Read Metric Measuring Tools" and "How to Read English Measuring Tools." Wall size charts are 18-5/8 x 14-5/8" (473 x 371mm). Notebook size is 3-hole punched and 11 x 8-1/2" (280 x 216mm). Priced Litera ture How to Order Priced Litera ture To order priced literature please contact Customer Service at (978) 249-3551 extension 400. 1700 53218 The Starrett Book for Student Machinists Cat. No. EDP Description 1702 56172 Wall Size Educational Charts 1715 53220 Three-Ring Notebook Size Educational Charts 576 V oca tional and E duca tional