Elecronic Calipers 5006 Electronic Groove Calipers Fea tures and Specifica tions • Standard Measuring Tip Diameter: .118" (3mm) • Two Preset Modes • Hold Feature will freeze the display when it is in preset mode • On/Off Button • RS232 port allows data transmission thru a DataSure® Wireless Data Collection System using a 1500-3A-1N End Node.Will also transmit through a connected cable • CR2032 lithium battery included • Includes wooden case • Resolution: 0.0005" (0.01mm) • Generous diameter and jaw depth capacities • Ideal for measuring internal and external grooves on large workpieces • Hardened stainless steel construction • Coolant resistant 5006BZ-14/350 5006 Electronic Groove Caliper Cat. No. EDP 5006BZ-14/350 14589 Data Collection Part No. EDP Description 797SCKB 69890 USB cable to PC (In focused window) Specifications Groove Measuring Range Max. Depth Outside 0-12.5" (0-318mm) 3.937" (100mm) Inside 1.654-15" (42-381mm) 3.7" (94mm) 95 starrett.com S lide C alipers