Auto Seals When auto sealing extrusion lines go out of specification, they produce about $1,400 per hour in scrap. The scrap is not recyclable because the rubber is vulcanized,and often is cured over metal reinforcement.The result is a loss in raw materials,labor,energy,landfill cost,and production time. Profile360 alarms any time dimensions change so the operator can act to correct the process, save scrap, and improve production. The Profile360 investment payback period is achieved in only 32 hours of scrap savings. If you can avoid 1 hour's worth of scrap per week, your Profile360 investment is realized in 32 weeks. Savings with Profile360™ * Compound Cost $1.32/meter Line Speed 18.2 meters/min Compound Cost/hr 18.2m/min x 60min/hr x $1.32/m $1,441/hr Profile360 Investment $42,900 Payback Period $42,900 ÷ $1,441/hr 32 hours * If you can reduce scrap by 1 hour per week, you can achieve a payback in 32 weeks based on raw materials cost avoidance alone,not to mention the cost of customer returns. 530 L aser M easurement