Indica tor Accessories Special Non-Shock Mechanism Starrett dial indicators have hardened, stainless steel gears, pinions and racks for maximum resistance to shock. Where the rack is subject to repeated, severe and/or excessive mechanical shocks, many Starrett AGD dial indicators may be ordered with a special non-shock mechanism. Based on a positive-loaded, split gear assembly, this simple device protects indicator accuracy, prolongs life, and reduces service costs. When ordering, specify "N/S" after the dial indicator catalog number. The following indicators are not available with non-shock mechanism: 25-109, 25-209, 2600 and 2700 Indicators; 656-109, 656-209 and all other indicators with 2" (50mm) range and above. 25-111JNS with Special Non-Shock Mechanism AGD Indica tor Att achments and Accessories 670 Indica tor Hole Att achment These hole attachments make it possible to measure the inside of holes and other surfaces that cannot be reached with the regular indicator spindle. Both attachments have a .375" (9.5mm) diameter hole to fit all indicators made to AGD standards and can be securely clamped to the indicator stem. The ball end on the swivel arm which contacts the work is 1/8" (3mm) in diameter. 671 Universal Att achment This Universal Attachment is for use with indicators having standard AGD .375" (9.5mm) stem diameters. It clamps on the indicator stem and its movement is transmitted through the contact point to the indicator. Furnished with two interchangeable arms, one straight for measuring internal surfaces and one angular for measuring at right angles to the indicator spindle. 670A 671 670 Indicator Hole Attachment Cat. No. EDP Range (Approx.) For Hole Depths to: in mm in mm 670A 52884 3/8 9.5 13/16 20 670B 52724 9/16 14.3 1-11/16 42 671 Universal Attachment Cat. No. EDP Range (Approx.) in mm 671 52886 1/8 3 164 I ndica tors and G ages