1102, 1102M Dial Indica tor Diameter Gages 1-12"/25-300MM This is a light, easy-to-handle gage that is a workhorse in its range. Approximate weight is 1lb, 12oz. (0.8kg). The gaging depth can be set within a range of 0-1" (0-25mm) by adjusting the rest foot. Dial indicators are the 81-136-623 Inch Reading (.0005") or 81-181-623 Millimeter Reading (0.01mm) models. The gage should be checked against our 1127 Master for a precise reference standard during production gaging (See the following pages).Also available on request with .0001" or 0.002mm graduations. Indica tor Diameter Gages C D A B E C O.D. I.D. REVERSIBLE REVERSIBLE SEE VIEW A 1" MIN. I.D. LOCK SCREW INTERNAL-EXTERNAL – FULL ADJ. RANGE 1-12" GAGINGDEPTH 0-1"; 1-2" TO ORDER SPACER USED WITH REFERENCE CONTACT WHEN GAGING WITHOUT REST FEET ROLL TYPE GAGE REST FEET; ONE FRONT, TWO REAR .0005 DIAL INDICATOR; OTHER GRADUATIONS CAN BE SUBSTITUTED 1102 STANDARD CONTACTS FURNISHED WITH GAGE SPECIAL CONTACTS DESIGNED TO ORDER .49" RADIUS View A .030" RADIUS FLANG GROOVE CONTACT .100" MAX. .250" DIAMETER CARBIDE TIPPED BALL STANDARD AGD CONTACT 7 SPECIAL FORM CONTACT .062" DIAMETER BALL 1102 and 1102M Dial Indicator Diameter Gages Cat. No. EDP Length Range Height Adjustment 1102 56134 1-12" (.0005" Indicator) 0-1" 1102-1 69004 1-12" (.0001" Indicator) 0-1" 1102M 65020 25-300mm 0-25mm Case for 1102 and 1102M Dial Indicator Diameter Gages Cat. No. EDP Description 1102ZZ 56136 Storage Case to Hold Both Gage and 1127 Master 1102 and 1102M Dial Indicator Diameter Gages Photo Key Description A Range Lock Screw B I.D.-O.D. Preload Reversing Mechanism Lever C Rest Foot D Reference Contact E Sensitive Contact 1102 198 I ndica tors and G ages